Messing about with Technics...

You're never bored with a pair of Technics turntables… And I love a good scratch!


New Dance Videos...

There are some great new music videos being released this week… Here's a few of them…

Fox Stevenson - Sweets (Soda Pop)

Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto ft. Ane Brun - Can't Stop Playing (Makes Me High)

Alex Adair - Make Me Feel Better

Judge Jules Live at Bangkok, Coventry

I've been going through some old mix tapes from my youth and found this gem from Judge Jules recorded live oa Bangkok in Coventry around 1991… There are some great house tunes on here, some of which appear in 'deep house' sets today… Have a listen!

There are Video DJs and there are DJs who play videos...

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There are DJs that play music videos and there are Video DJs.......

As the terms "Video DJ" and "Video set"  become a more standard place in social network feed, and DJ selling points, I think there is a need to establish that there is a difference between a "Video DJ" and those DJ's who are planning to play a video set.

Once Screen, not forgotten

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With the realization that video DJ's bring something new to the nightclub arena, lots of DJ's and nightclub owner / managers are wanting to get involved which can only be a good thing... Mainly.

Video DJ Screen set up

Structuring a DJ Set

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It's not just about playing tunes.


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