Reasons To Book A Video DJ For Your Event

Video DJ photo from a Showcase set at BPM

You may be wondering what advantage there is in booking a Video DJ for your event / party? Well, here are a few reasons to do so....


1)  Special themed events are taken to a new interactive level

Whether your event is a Back To the 80s, 90s, or 00s theme, the videos can incorporate films, tv, commercials from those times.

I’ve played at Superhero nights where I’ve put all the film clips in, as well as an opening video where I replaced the cast list with a list of all the bar staff & managers.

Birthday parties, anniversaries or weddings can be enhanced with added photos to the screens, or old video footage thrown into the AV Mix to really personalise the show.

Other theme nights such as James Bond, Musicals, Heroes & Villains, Disney or Convention after parties all have great potential when you add a Video DJ to the event!

Video Sceeens for Video DJ

2)   It adds a great ambience to the room with ‘dynamic wallpaper’ for the sound.

Instead of plain walls, adding some screens brings the WHOLE room into the music and atmosphere, and if the budget allows for multiple screens, then a truly immersive event is created.

Video Sceeens for Video DJ

3)   A superb way to add branding to a corporate event or product launch or NYE Countdown.

I’ve worked on corporate events where I’ve added not only the logo into the video show, but also relevant film clips that mention the product or awards ceremony as well as audio visual remixes around them. 

I’ve also asked the companies running the events to send me any relevant video clips of their staff or training videos so I can remix and include those into the show making for a very personally tailored & bespoke corporate event.

Drinks promotions, closing times or other events can be advertised on the screens during the show which is great for bars / clubs.

Screen setup for video dj

4)   With live tweets & Instagram to the screens, it can be an additional interactive element to the event and a way to gain attention to parties / events / products 

The live feed to the screens from Twitter & Instagram is a brilliant way to include the audience with the video screens - everyone likes to see their name and photos in lights!

The software I use (FlyBoost) has an EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE expletive filter too. 

I’ve tested the plug-in that I use for this in student venues around the country and it’s impossible to put rude words onto the screens, even when deliberately attempting to do so!

Instagram feed to  screens for Video DJ

5)   People who aren’t necessarily dancing have something entertaining to watch instead of a load of flashing lights. Music, films, TV and Youtube Viral videos combine to make a fully audio visual show.

Some people do like to stand and watch / drink and the video screens gives them something to watch talk about, especially when it’s something that suddenly appears on the screens that they saw recently on the news / Facebook feeds etc.

Video DJ screen setup watching

6)   People really enjoy watching the videos that go with the music!

Especially when they're classic & iconic music videos such as Thriller or Call On Me, and it can add a great comedic element to the music adding extra entertainment value.

There have been some truly iconic music videos made over the last few years, and it’s always grew to see some of the best ones on the screens as the music plays, especially if they are ones that don’t often appear on TV. Here are just a few classic videos that always work a treat - 

Eric Prydz - Call On Me

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Pendulum - Slam

Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up

Eric Prydz Video Still

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