Favourite Music Videos

There have been some amazing music videos made over the years, some where the music was great and had a great video to go with it, and some where the music video made a very average tune into an awesome tune!

Here are a few of my favourites… Some new, Some old, some famous, some infamous...

Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice

The first of 2 FBS videos... Christopher Walken doing what he does, and a little known fact - he puts a dance move into EVERY ONE of his films too. He loves dancing! The video below has most of the dance moves edited together too...

Reasons To Book A Video DJ For Your Event

Video DJ photo from a Showcase set at BPM

You may be wondering what advantage there is in booking a Video DJ for your event / party? Well, here are a few reasons to do so....


1)  Special themed events are taken to a new interactive level

Whether your event is a Back To the 80s, 90s, or 00s theme, the videos can incorporate films, tv, commercials from those times.

I’ve played at Superhero nights where I’ve put all the film clips in, as well as an opening video where I replaced the cast list with a list of all the bar staff & managers.

There are Video DJs and there are DJs who play videos...

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There are DJs that play music videos and there are Video DJs.......

As the terms "Video DJ" and "Video set"  become a more standard place in social network feed, and DJ selling points, I think there is a need to establish that there is a difference between a "Video DJ" and those DJ's who are planning to play a video set.

Once Screen, not forgotten

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With the realization that video DJ's bring something new to the nightclub arena, lots of DJ's and nightclub owner / managers are wanting to get involved which can only be a good thing... Mainly.

Video DJ Screen set up

Structuring a DJ Set

dj set structure, structuring a dj set, video dj, Article

It's not just about playing tunes.

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