Ten Cocktail Bar, Worthing

Ten Cocktail Bar, Worthing Saturday November 26th 2016

Looking forward to playing a Video DJ set in Worthing on Saturday November 26th - always a great crowd down there!

VINYL ONLY DJ Set in Worthing

Alehouse & Kitchen, Worthing DJ sets on Sept 10th & Oct 22nd.

I'm playing a Vinyl Only DJ set at The Alehouse & Kitchen in Worthing on Saturday September 10th and also Saturday October 22nd.

With the revival of vinyl again on the DJ scene, it's a prefect time for me to dust off the 30K+ records that I have for a good old fashioned DJ set!

Want to see what I played?!

Bar Ten, Worthing Playlist January 2016

If you're wondering what style of music I play, here's a playlist in full from a recent club gig!

Ten Cocktail Bar, Worthing

Ten Cocktail Bar, Worthing

Looking forward to playing down at Ten Cocktail Bar in Worthing on January 30th.

Always a great crowd down there, and superb Mojitos!

Address - 10 High St, Worthing BN11 1NU

Phone - 01903 238392

Playlist / Set List

Here's the full set list from my gig on Friday 17th July 2015

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